Did an employee not follow the lines of a contract? Did your employer breach your contract? Did you have any type of contract breach? We know what to do!

Regarding a contract, there are times when a party does not follow the duties, and a breach of the contract can be either material or minor.

A material breach is a breach that is so deep that the purpose of the contract is unfixable.

A minor breach is a breach of the contract but doesn’t completely break the heart of it.

Many things can occur when disputing a contract. Tricking someone into signing a contract, disputing its terms, or errors within the contract can be a few reasons that a contract is disputed. We can help you determine the actions that should be taken so that the damaged party can get their losses, or get the party who breached the contract to live to the terms. We have the aggressive representation you need to ensure your contract is clear and is followed!

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