04 Apr

November 2017 Newsletter

Are you planning on buying a car after the hurricane? CO Poisoning. Know your rights when it comes to anothers negligence. What are some ways to prevent toy-related injuries? Have you or a family member been hospitalized recently?

04 Apr

October 2017 Newsletter

Have you been a victim of bad-faith insurance practices? Do you know you have rights when it comes to auto repair compensation? Have you heard of the new weapon in war against cancer?  

04 Apr

September 2017 Newsletter

Do you know your rights following an auto accident? Do you know the dangers of smoking E-Cigs? Have you heard of the White Horse of Uffington? What is the school bus danger zone? Do you know how to prepare for young drivers on the road?

18 Jul

August 2017 Newsletter

Did you know that you have car repair rights? Maybe you got into a bicycle accident and it’s becoming costly? Can you believe the tanning gene has been identified? Did you know all the angles of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft? Are buses...

06 Jul

July 2017 Newsletter

What are the 100 deadliest days to be on the road? What are your rights when your flight is overbooked? What sign of Alzheimer’s may precede all others? Where are the sunniest places on Earth? What warning was given out on Lazy Boards? We might...

01 Jun

June 2017 Newsletter

Wondering what might affect your motorcycle case? Injured at a waterpark? What is CRISPR? Causes of truck rollovers? Keys to living a long life? We might have what you’re looking for!

04 May

May 2017 Newsletter!

Here it is, and you’ve been waiting for it! Have you been trying to find the tricks in the insurance industry, or been an auto accident victim and you’ve lost some wages? Maybe you didn’t know that calling someone a neanderthal is a...

11 Apr

April 2017 Newsletter

Are you about to get some form of cosmetic surgery and aren’t sure of what might become a case of medical malpractice?  Want to recover quickly from an injury? Want to know what your injury case could really be worth?  Maybe you’re just c...

11 Apr

March 2017 Newsletter

You may be overlooking a key item about motorcycle insurance, or you might be dealing with the daily aspirin tug-of-war. Did a family member receive a traumatic brain injury from an auto accident? How do you legally look at pain and suffering? We mig...

11 Apr

June 2015 Newsletter

Paying for a totaled car? Do you have a child who is a graduate and is now legally able to drink? Did you know there are new blood tests that are able to detect cancer tumor? What was the legacy of the titanic? Ever wonder where the phrase ‘onc...